Achieve Record-Breaking Sales through Improved Leadership

If you pull back the curtains of today’s most successful real estate companies, you’ll find they all have something in common… They all have great leaders who create the conditions required for elite sales performance.

If you’re ready to take your real estate company to the next level, it starts with you… and we can help!

Alignmark’s Diagnostic and Coaching Process

A 360˚ survey tool is used to obtain ratings of each manager’s performance on five critical sales management competencies and 34 key sales management tasks. Raters include the focal manager (self-ratings), Agents, Peers (if applicable) and Immediate Manager (if applicable).  The process provides quantitative performance feedback on self-perceptions of sales leadership effectiveness, compared to how others view the focal manager’s effectiveness.
A feedback session is conducted with each individual focal manager to: a) review results; b) identify the competencies or tasks most in need of development, and; c) discuss the focal manager’s on-the-job behaviors underlying development needs that emerged.
A written, three month Individual Development Plan (IDP) is created and agreed to for addressing high priority development needs.
Follow-up coaching phone calls are conducted monthly to: a) review status of agreed-to development activities; b) discuss perceived results of completed development activities; c) modify go-forward development plans as needed.
After completion of the three month coaching process, the 360˚ survey tool is re-administered to assess each focal manager’s performance on the same five sales management competencies and 34 sales management tasks. A second feedback session is likewise conducted with each focal manager.
The entire process was invaluable to us.  It was great, evaluated our strengths and our weaknesses.  The agents felt like they were being heard… and they were participating in the success of our office. Kevin and Lee Acker

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It’s time to reach your leadership potential!