Need To Recruit Top-Producing Agents? We Can Help

Let’s Face It. Sourcing and Selecting High Performing Agents is Tough.

Without question, the biggest challenge facing agencies today is identifying and hiring the RIGHT agents. Lacking the proper processes and tools, many agencies simply settle into the way they’ve always done things.  They end up experiencing the results they’ve always experienced – a team of very AVERAGE agents.

Here’s the good news.  There’s no reason to settle.  AlignMark’s industry-leading real estate solutions are designed to boost your recruiting efforts, easily manage your prospect pipeline, and hire a greater number of qualified agents!

Helping You Identify and Select Top Talent

Source More Agents

Is your recruiting funnel at full capacity with quality sales agents?  If not, we can help fill your pipeline and hire more agents quicker! Using AlignMark’s AccuRecruiter online video interview, you’ll stand apart from other real estate companies and make a GREAT first impression with your prospects.  Bottom line, AccuRecruiter delivers more results with less time and effort.  

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Assess Their Potential

You’ve identified a good prospect, but do they really have the knowledge, skills, and personality needed to be a solid producer on your team? Since 2003, companies have been using Real Estate Simulator to increase their number of successful agents and achieve greater accuracy in hiring the best agents. Since this time, more than 300,000 assessments have been administered.

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Recruiting Management System

Imagine an online system that allows you to put your entire agent recruiting process on auto pilot!  Leads are automatically captured and can be automatically or manually distributed. Create and manage unlimited distribution lists and email campaigns so you can remain connected with prospective agents – ensuring YOU are top of mind when the time is right!

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