Introducing AccuRecruiter

A More Effective (and Hassle Free!) Way to Recruit High Performing Agents.

Increase Your Agent Pipeline with Interactive Video

Is your recruiting funnel full with quality sales agents? We can help fill your pipeline and hire more agents quicker and make you stand apart from other real estate companies using AccuRecruiter online video interview. Use AccuRecruiter video to make a GREAT first impression with your prospects.



A 2-way interaction, AccuRecruiter engages early with an automated video interview so you donโ€™t lose their interest.


Based on responses, each participant’s experience is unique to them–with information shared and questions asked.


Configured for your needs, it’s pre-recorded and plays automatically upon a prospect entering your site.

24/7 Access

As a fully automated system, it’s easy to recruit new or experienced agents around the clock!

How Can AccuRecruiter Help You Hire More Qualified Agents?

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